Eliza Bent 2.jpg

Presented by Upstream Artists’ Collective and Brooklyn Yard
in collaboration with Climate Change Theatre Action

Bare Spaces by Angella J. Emurwon
Great Great written and performed by Benjamin Weiner
Gaia by Hiro Kanagawa
This One Time in Nature written and performed by Eliza Bent

Gathered around a small fire, Upstream Artists’ Collective, Brooklyn Yard, and Climate Change Theatre Action (CCTA) invite audiences to contemplate our relationship with the larger things in life while sipping cocktails and noshing on s’mores. With work in progress from artists curated by CCTA and from Upstream and Brooklyn Yard, audiences will spend a fall evening in a backyard in Bushwick with music, letter writing, and theater-like things. 

Director: Keith Paul Medelis 

Featuring: Eliza Bent, Jane Bruce, Benjamin Weiner