Announcing: Season 1: Structure

We're so thrilled to announce Season 1: Structure. 
Why structure? First, it's a personal one. As we grow and shape Upstream, we're looking to grab onto a shape and form. What will become? How will it look?

Second, it comes from our idea to make art from the non-sexy side of environmental policy. We have the ability to poetically illuminate what we keep hidden. 

We're asking climate experts, “What can I do right now to affect positive change to our earth?” 

And this season we’re taking a look at infrastructure. We're taking this idea and exploding it, applying these ideas in personal ways to us. What supports us? What happens when that structure crumbles? What do we rely on that we expect to always be there for us? 

Benjamin Weiner's The Noise takes some of these ideas and runs with them. I'm so thrilled to bring it to you in it's first workshop staging at Dixon Place. It's brilliantly written with some amazing music, funny, and hopeful. Listen to a teaser preview sound and music sample of the show here.

And check out some of our projects we have in store below. 


The Noise
By Benjamin Weiner
Directed by Keith Paul Medelis
Thursday, May 26 at Dixon Place

Miles, a young architect, finds that fracking earthquakes are destroying his house and keeping him from sleeping. In his dreams, his boss’s teenage daughter, Chloe, takes the form of a Babylonian god and warns him of things to come.  When Miles and Chloe connect, they realize they have to fight their appetites, their pasts, and their guilt to survive the rapidly changing landscape.  


Elemental Play Making Series
In collaboration with Art Cafe + Bar in Prospect Heights

An adjustable-length series that begins with playwrights in a room with a smart person who answers the question: “what can we do right now to affect positive change on our planet’s environment?” For Season 1: Structure, playwrights of diverse backgrounds develop new work with Zak Accuardi, analyst for TransitCenter, addressing our country’s crumbling infrastructure.

Elemental Play Reading Series
Made to honor the very basic, essential elements of a play we’re serving up brand new work from exciting people all season long. With no rehearsal time, great actors, beautiful words, we are making plays by distilling them down to their elements. Presented throughout the season by friendly neighborhood bars and cafes willing to host us for free. Come one, come all.