Elemental Play Reading Series

A series of inaugural readings and workshops from the Upstream Artists’ Collective, a company devoted to performance with an environmental conscious. This series features brand new plays and existing, dustier plays waiting to be heard from again. Each reading is curated around the classical elements—the simplest essential parts on which all things are based. These readings are meant to spark conversation about the presence of the natural world in theater and our responsibility to act toward its safety. 

All of the readings are hosted by the Two Moon Arthouse and Café at 315 4th Ave. in Brooklyn. They will be on the listed Sundays throughout the summer and will begin at 7:00 pm. There will be a full bar and food so please feel free to indulge. A small donation is recommended to help us cover the rental costs.

This is Not the End by Audra Lord
Directed by J.K. Musser
Sunday, July 13

Featuring: Stephanie Bunch, Francisco Carillo, Kristi Dana, Jonny Maldonado, Django Palty, and KC Weakley

“I just hope you never forget. To look up.”

At Brio Shelter and Resort, spacious lounges, fitness centers and sleek bars are engineered to withstand the worst that man or nature can dish out. But does this underground haven harbor victims, or survivors? Which side of the door would you rather be on?


The Dispute by Marivaux

Directed by Keith Paul Medelis
Sunday, July 20

Featuring: Sergio Ang, Matt Baguth, Mohit Gautam, Stephanie King, Amy Lopatin, Callan McDermott, Isabelle Pierre, Naren Weiss

“We don’t understand it, and we feel it. It’s infinite.”

Who is more faithful, men or women? The Prince will go as far as raising two men and two women in isolation for their entire lives to answer that question. Until now, when the experiment begins. This eighteenth century French play, largely regarded as a failure in its time, receives all new life with this reading presented in a time of reality television, fluid gender identities, and a world so fragile we must begin to invent our own. 

Sagittarius Ponderosa by MJ Kaufman
Directed by Gretchen Van Lente 
Sunday, August 3

“I’m grateful for... bark of armor that sometimes breaks to let the fire in and for fires that keep the weeds thin.”

Archer (still Angela to his family) returns home to the forests of eastern Oregon to care for his dying father. At night under the oldest Ponderosa Pine, he meets a stranger who knows the history of the forests and the sadness of losing endangered things. As Archer says goodbye to his father he discovers the power of names and the histories they make and mask

by Jason Sebacher, adapted from Bertolt Brecht

Directed by Keith Paul Medelis
Sunday, August 17

“You’re sinking lower and lower.”

A look into Brecht’s first full-length play. Baal, the renegade poet and musician, rejects a life of acclaim amongst the elite patrons of the arts. Instead, he chooses a path of excess and a deliberate disregard for the consequences as he wanders the country in a wake of sex, debauchery, and murder. Join us for an evening of song and drink of our own in this exciting and dangerous conclusion to the Elemental Play Reading Series. 

In order to make ourselves inch closer to sustainability, we invite you like us on Facebook to read our programs and learn more about us. Due to the inherently costly nature of a reading, we have done our best by printing on recycled paper that will be upcycled into an evolving art project. This comes nowhere near a solution but encourages us to rethink the everyday in our quest toward sustainability. Want to join us as we begin this journey? Please do! Contact us via the website or on Facebook. 

Very special thanks to Two Moon for hosting. They have supported our mission by offering us the space at a very good price. Please support them and tip well. Thank you.