It's a season of human against nature

Who will come out victorious? 

ding. ding.

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The Performance Project at University Settlement presents

TRASH LORD: DOMESTICATION by Sophia Valera Heinecke

Produced by Upstream Artists’ Collective and Experimental Bitch PRESENTS


APRIL 6, 7, 8, 2018

Sophia just went through a bad breakup. We’ve all been there, but this is a game changer… You’re invited to witness a reconsideration of many persona’s that comprise Sophia, a self proclaimed Trash Lord, who’s tidied up too much, and even been domesticated, to fit under the arm of a man that probably never wanted her at all.

Early science claimed a woman was a moral, sexual, germiferous, and parturient creature. While we've come a long way from classifications, many women find themselves yearning to fit into or break free from the dour taxonomy do's and don'ts that make them feel fit to love themselves and others.

Trash Lord: Domestication by Sophia Valera Heinecke explores the politics of self-sacrifice and modern relationships that is both poetic and provocative as Sophia, a scavenger by nature, invites you in to observe a gender experiment conducted by Jane Goodall that pits sociology against biology. How far will one woman go to modify her behavior in the hopes of finding a partner?

Trash Lord: Domestication combines a tapestry of personal stories and text from the research of Goodall, Jared Diamond, and experts in the field of animal domestication to spin a performance that is not well behaved. A work in progress.

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ROY SULLIVAN: LIGHTNING MAN a new musical by Benjamin Weiner


MAY 11 AND 12, 2018

A new flash musical that uses a barn stomping electro-folk score to tell the true story of Roy Sullivan, a Virginia man who was struck by lightning seven times throughout his life. The electrifying new work explores love, our relationship with the natural world, and our own inevitable fate.