at 8pm

Sidewalk cafe

94 AVE. A, NYC


by Sophia Valera Heinecke
directed by Keith Paul Medelis

A work in progress. 

A performative gender exploration about losing and finding oneself, domesticating wild animals, and Jane Goodall.

Utilizing a tapestry of personal stories and accounts based on the research work of Goodall, Jared Diamond, and other experts in the field.

Trash Lord: Domestication is not well behaved. 

Part of the soon to be debuted Forest Floor Mirco-Residency granting artists quick and focused time to stage something immediate with "more-than-a-reading" to cap it off. 

Hosted by Sidewalk NYC in Alphabet City. Come early for some comedy show and stay late for some music show that are also probably neat. Have at least two drinks or food items cuz it's a requirement. And there stuff is good. 

FREE ADMISSION otherwise. Check the ticket link below.

Sophia Valera Heinecke is a rabble rouser, interested in exploring oft forgotten cultural pockets of America and the people who occupy them.  Since 2015, she has received a grant from the Kevin Spacey Foundation (what a despicable human), followed shortly by the John Golden Award for Playwriting, and the Issac Kwock Award for Social Justice. Sophia just finished her tenure as a Citizen Artist Fellow at the Performance Project in New York City and has a heightened respect for the theater and visual art communities, which present something real and tangible in our increasingly digital world. Her work has been shown at the Bowery Poetry Club, Dixon Place, The Performing Garage, and The Pratt Manhattan Gallery. For more information about Sophia's work please visit