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This years series will be held at Jimmy's No. 43, 43 E. 7th St. in the East Village. They're kind folks who have let us crash for cheap so the admission price will be to buy a drink from them. We'd love to have you stop by!

SUNDAY, APRIL 2; 12:00 PM-2:00 PM

What \ Washed Ashore / Astray by Benjamin Benne; directed by Elena Araoz

Twin sisters, Antonia and Amelia, reunite in their family's beach cottage and a strange collection of things have been washing ashore: metal hooks, glass bottles, whale carcasses, and memories that had been forgotten. With the surrounding environment corroding from the rising temperature, rising tides, and foul smells rising from the waves, a visit from Amelia's son, Jamie, makes it clear that the world as they knew it has irreversibly changed. What \ Washed Ashore / Astray is a sensory play about deterioration.

SUNDAY, APRIL 9; 3:00-6:00 PM

The Alternate Possibilities of Our Past and Future History with Particular Regard to the Identification of the Eastern Puma and the Corps of Discovery by Amy Gijsbers van Wijk; directed by Christina Roussos

In a desert world that has collapsed in the wreckage of climate change, Lewis is a topographer. Lewis secretly wants a museum more than anything in the world. Secretly hoards objects she find buried in the dirt, and hides them from her eco-engineering boyfriend, Clark. At the site of pre-apocalypse ruins, two men find Lewis digging away in the desert, and they just won't stop asking her for directions and calling her "Sacajawea." Whatever that means.

SUNDAY, APRIL 9; 6:00-9:00 PM

Cock by Mike Bartlett; directed by Keith Paul Medelis

John has been in a stable relationship with his boyfriend for a number of years. But when he takes a break, he accidentally falls in love with a woman. Torn between the two, filled with guilt and conflicting emotions, he doesn't know which way to turn. His boyfriend is willing to wait for him to make a decision, but so is his girlfriend. And both are prepared to fight to keep him. As the pressure mounts, a dinner with both parties is arranged, and everyone wants to know. Who is John? What is he? And what will his decision be? A comic discussion of identity and sexuality.