Icebergs are melting and sad polar bears are floating adrift. This has been the climate change narrative plastered in the headlines. These photos make for sensational stories, exploded and shared and liked. They also leave an essential stone unturned: what can I do? How can changing my light bulbs and not using plastic save a polar bear?

Climate change resolution is urgent and more importantly, hopeful and exciting. In 2016, we pledge to see these issues not as insurmountable sensationalism but rather as beautifully crafted, personal stories with global impact. The joys and struggles of two people can feel like our own kind of apocalypse.

Upstream Artists’ Collective seeks to find a new narrative that is NOW polar bear free! Upstream is taking on the “less sexy” climate change stories. What can we do? And, importantly, where can we find hope?

Upstream is working with climate and policy experts,  to develop our plays with sustainability in mind. For us, that means nothing can be single-use. It means reinventing the way we makes things, weighing cost and benefit and harm.. It means paying people, being resourceful and never aiming higher than we can reach. We believe in the power of a story to communicate essential, human truths.