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A History of the World in Eight Parties is a series of devised performances with theatrical interruptions dedicated to healing the trauma of the past in order to create a more joyful, just present.

Taking place over eight nights, each party will feature an ensemble of actors, performers, dancers, musicians, community elders, and children. Stories will be told and enacted. As the evening unfolds there will be interruptions exposing the audience to narratives that are largely omitted from popular culture.

We come together for parties; humanity at our most joyous. Parties allow for both escape and connection, and as artists this is the same space we reside. When you enter the ritual of party, you emerge on the other side, changed. In examining history through this lens we wish to make peace with the past and remake and recharge the present.

Each party will be developed separately, each drawing from historical narratives and obscure text as well as the ensembles' personal experience through a devising process, a working process is outlined below.

Our hope is to create a process for creating which can be repeated in different communities, allowing groups of all ages and backgrounds to create their own parties celebrating their personal connections with history. We must engage with the past in order to learn from it, and in the process learn more about ourselves.

Artistic Director: Keith Paul Medelis

Creator: Michael Fentin

Directors: NJ Agwuna, Jacob Basri


Goes to After He Leaves

Made in collaboration with Barn Arts Collective and the community of Mount Desert Island, Maine. Take a listen to some of the music created for the show below.