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America is not a new world, but an ancient one.

Beneath the asphalt ground and glistening, metallic mountains, lies an untold history of a land its people both foreign and Native, the island of Mannahatta.

After arriving by boat to Pagganck (Governors Island), visitors will travel forwards and backwards in time observing Mannahatta through an immersive gallery and performing-arts experience based on A Description of New Netherland, the personal account of Dutch immigrant Adriaen van der Donck in 1655, known histories of the Native Americans he encountered, and modern stories of their descendants.

Pulling from historical ecology, writings, and folklore as our guide, visitors will experience an island they never knew existed through scent, sound, and visions. Open a door: you may find a field of wildflowers, swaying in a spring breeze. Careful on the stairs: there is a river running in both directions.

Then, as you leave the gallery and stand again on the grounds of Pagganck, the Mannahatta skyline will lay before you. But it is no longer the island you left. Now it sings a deeper story.

Created and directed by Keith Paul Medelis with producer Ryan Victor Pierce and dramaturg Elise McMullen-Ciotti. Designed by Janine Woods with aural designs by Eben Mannes. Cast announcement to follow.



Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11am-5pm

Fridays from 11am-9pm


While admission is free for the performances, space is extremely limited. for each showing. Performances are in the evenings on Fridays, daytimes on Saturday and Sunday. Full schedule at the link below. 

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